Two technological and one scientific objective:
Technological Objective 1: To develop a large-area deposition process for MX2 on graphene for electrical and opto-electrical applications. Atomic  Layer Deposition (ALD) is the most appropriate process choice for large area and single to few-layer scaling purposes. Device integration requires simultaneous growth of the MX2 film on patterned structures of graphene and dielectric areas, e.g. SiO2, which brings specific requirements for the nucleation step.

Technological Objective 2: To develop a deposition process for high-k dielectrics (Al2O3, HfO2) on MX2. In this case, standard ALD processes will be our starting point. Nucleation on the MX2 surface requires also appropriate surface functionalization for which an innovative approach with self-assembled monolayers will be pioneered.

Scientific Objective: To obtain fundamental insight in the chemical structure and energy distribution or electron states at the interfaces including bandgap widths, band offsets and gap state spectrum at graphene/MX2 and MX2/dielectric interfaces which will help process optimization.